Arnon Grunberg



Tonight I saw Atom Egoyan’s movie “Adoration”. I’m afraid the movie is not going to be a box office hit. If you want to see it you may need to hurry.
Stephen Holden wrote in the Times: ‘In “Adoration,” a profound and provocative exploration of cultural inheritance, communications technology and the roots and morality of terrorism, the Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan nimbly wades into an ideological minefield without detonating an explosion. (…)The story is based on a real incident in 1986, in which a Jordanian terrorist secreted a bomb in the hand luggage of his pregnant Irish girlfriend without her knowledge on an El Al flight from London to Israel. Had it exploded, 380 passengers would have died.’ Speaking of which, usually I try to avoid mentioning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on this site, for the arguments are well-known and the discussion is as poisoned as possible, but recently stratfor provided a clear, intelligent and unsentimental analysis of the situation, very much worth reading as is “Adoration” worth seeing.
Stratfor writes: “For this reason, the entire peace process — including the two-state solution — is a chimera. Neither side can live with what the other can offer. But if it is a fiction, it is a fiction that serves U.S. purposes. The United States has interests that go well beyond Israeli interests and sometimes go in a different direction altogether. Like Israel, the United States understands that one of the major obstacles to any serious evolution toward a two-state solution is Arab hostility to such an outcome.”