Arnon Grunberg

A prey

No fur

“Do you want to see some dance theater?” I asked my godson.
Hesitantly he answered: “Yes.”

A classical romantic ballet was not available on the night that was chosen for his first dance experience, so I opted for a slightly less romantic ballet.
He loved “Glass Pieces” (music: Philip Glass; choreography: Jerome Robbins) but during “Other Dances” (music: Frédéric Chopin; choreography: Jerome Robbins) he started munching on M&M’s and finally he fell asleep. At least one of our neighbors could not appreciate his munching.
In the taxi on the way home he declared that he loved “Glass Pieces”, but he was also enchanted with “The Cage” (music: Igor Stravinsky; choreography: Jerome Robbins.) According to the program “The Cage” was about “the phenomenon of the female of the species considering the male as a prey.”

I was intrigued by a sign at the coat check at the David H. Koch theater saying: “No fur."
Fortunately I wasn’t wearing my fur coat last night.