Arnon Grunberg

"A must"


How reliable is Zagat? For some reasons I decided to eat Thai last night and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to do this outside South Beach.
So we ended up in Siam Palace, 9999 Sunset Drive.
Zagat reported: “Low voter turnout doesn’t detract from the high approval rating of this “jewel” in South Miami that’s a “must” for its “great” Thai cuisine that “doesn’t disappoint”; that it’s overseen by a “welcoming” owner and staff “adds immeasurably to the experience”; P.S. flip to the “back of the menu” for an “authentic” selection.” The spring rolls were dry, the scallops resembled leftovers from yesterday’s Fish & Chips. The staff was everything but welcoming.
The cab fare alone was 70 dollars. (one way.)
My amante asked: “What do you think the driver thought of us?” I answered: “Well, he probably thought, these people have money and they like to spend it on taxi’s not on food.”