Arnon Grunberg



‘I was surprised by how little mileage the filmmakers get out of Brüno’s origins; the best national gag—that all he craves is to live “ze Austrian dream: ‘get a job, find a dungeon, raise ein family in it’ ”—comes not from the film but from his Twitter site,’ Anthony Lane writes in this week’s New Yorker.
Yes, “Brüno” may be less funny and poignant than “Borat” and in hindsight “Borat” might have been less poignant than we first thought, and “Brüno” borrows from Andy Kaufman among others, but “Brüno” is refreshing and shocking, thanks above all to lots and lots of male frontal nudity.
Whether “Brüno” is homophobic is hard to say. I would love to watch the movie with gays from Austria.
If “Brüno” teaches us one lesson it is that the future belongs to swingers.
And yes "ze Austrian dream” is our dream. I already have a job -- as soon as I find a decent dungeon I’ll start a family.