Arnon Grunberg

Hunger pangs


The British GQ of this month features an inspiring interview with Brüno. (The US GQ had some pictures of the naked Brüno; the British GQ only offers pictures of a more or less fully dressed Brüno.)
The interviewer asks: “Have you ever considered a Brüno fitness dvd?” Brüno answers: “Zat’s so done. Ich am actually considering ze vorld’s first eating disorder DVD. You know, instructions on how to throw up discreetly in public (Prada zip-up sunglasses cases are perfect), which foods taste best on ze vay back up (profiteroles, peach yoghurt, spaghetti carbonara, bananas und Häagen-Dazs dolce de leche) und what to eat to bulk you out and stave off hunger pangs (tampons – heavy flow.)”

I’m not so sure about the tampons, although eating tampons may be a better solution than let’s say the South Beach Diet, but instructions on how to throw up in public are very much needed.