Arnon Grunberg



“You need to take a boat to get to the restaurant,” the benign front desk manager at the Al Qasr Hotel told me.
I took a boat to restaurant Pai Thai. (You won’t be surprised to hear that this is a Thai restaurant.) It took me fifteen minutes to get to the restaurant but it was definitely romantic.
When I had settled my bill the waiter asked me: “Shall I order a boat for you or a buggy?”

“Well,” I answered, “what’s the fastest way out, I’m a bit tired, a boat or a buggy?’

The waiter said: “Walking. Let me show you.”

Within two minutes we were back in the lobby of the Al Qasr Hotel.

This is the essential contemporary dining experience: you pay to be an extra in your own movie.

The boats are there to enhance your illusion but if you want to get out, within two minutes you are on the street. Dinner for one at Pai Thai including wine and tip: $170.00.

Highly recommended before sex with your significant other.