Arnon Grunberg


Part two

Dining experiences in Dubai part two.

Tonight I dined in the Italian restaurant Segretto.
The restaurant is reachable by taxi. Nobody tries to impose a boat on you for the four- minute-walk from the street to the restaurant.
The service is impeccable, the food is better than in many restaurants in Italy.
For the first time in my career as a solo-visitor of restaurants the waitress offered me an extra light so I was able to read my book. ("Mr. Arnon, do you want some more light?")
When I was done paying my check the waitress asked me: “Do you want a boat?”

“No,” I answered, “no boat.”

The bill: $190.00 for one person including wine, limoncello and tip.

After this meal I took a taxi to the Marriott to visit the observatory, according to insiders a good place to watch people in Dubai.
I did find the Marriott but I could not find the observatory.

I decided to go back to my hotel to reflect on my sins.