Arnon Grunberg



Last summer I did a project in suburbia in the Netherlands. During ten days I stayed with ten different families in a Vinex-location.
I published a series of articles about this experiment in a newspaper.
This fall, a booklet was published with a collection of these articles, titled “Going Underground for Beginners”.
This summer I will go on vacation with one family.
December 2009, an assistant mailed a press release to Dutch and Belgium newspapers that I was looking for a family with whom I could spend the summer holidays. I stated in the press release that I was going to write a series of articles about this holiday.
To my surprise more than 60 families were still interested in going on vacation with me.
Almost thirty families were willing to come to Amsterdam for an “audition”.
Today and last night the auditions took place in the Holiday Inn in Amsterdam.
It’s going to be a hard choice. But I also sense that this experiment might be more dangerous than going to Afghanistan or Iraq.