Arnon Grunberg



From time to time I get e-mail from a man named Mashiach Ben David. I assume that this man believes that he is the messiah, or at least that he foreshadows the coming of the messiah.
Today I got the following e-mail from Mr. Ben David: “The event for June 19 is cancelled. It is not the right way. The Sign is clear.

I regret that I took this approach, of writing these emails. There was a better way.

I shall therefore conclude with some final comments of importance.”

His final comments of importance are not that important, but the first three sentences of his e-mail stuck in my mind.

What kind of event was planned for June 19th?

Why is it not the right way?

Who gave Mr. Ben David a sign?

The longer I think about his e-mail the eerier it gets.