Arnon Grunberg

Layered cabbage

Goose neck

More about food: this obituary of George Lang is worth reading. Mr. Grimes writes: ‘Mr. Lang often enjoyed constructing fantasy meals, including his last. The ideal final meal, he told The Village Voice in 2007, would include some of the great dishes from his restaurant career but above all his Hungarian favorites: fisherman’s soup, stuffed goose neck, sour cherry soup, layered cabbage, stuffed peppers, plum dumplings, pancakes with apple meringue, and whipped-cream strudel.
“And then I will have what it takes to get to another world,” he said.’

This is the spirit. I would add 12 women and a trustworthy young man somewhere between the plum dumplings and the pancakes with apple meringue, but only if my girlfriend approves of it.