Arnon Grunberg



There are classics that I was never able to finish.

But there are certain movie classics that I found slightly dreadful as well. For example, I really wanted to love “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” by Luis Buñuel. I saw the movie twice, and there are great scenes in it, but twice the movie almost put me to sleep.

I’m a Polanski fan, last night I saw for the second time “Repulsion” – there are many things to admire in this movie, Catherine Deneuve is great, the quality of the camera work is beyond any doubt, and still something is missing in this movie.
“Repulsion” has been compared to Hitchcock, but Hitchcock did know how to build tension. Of course Polanski knows how to do this as well, but the weak spot in “Repulsion” is the screenplay, in other words the story itself.