Arnon Grunberg



This afternoon I visited The Lublin Province Museum and The Chapel of the Holy Trinity.
A uniformed man forced me to leave my jacket at the cloakroom. I suffered from the cold, but modest suffering can be uplifting.
I counted more guards than visitors in the museum.
At exactly 3 p.m. a middle-aged lady opened the door to the chapel. I spent thirty minutes in the chapel with the middle-aged woman and a Polish couple.
My plan was to visit the synagogue after the chapel, but it had started snowing.
Instead of going to the synagogue I went to hotel Europa.
“Do you have a bar?” I asked a lady at the front desk.
“Go one floor down,” she said.
I went to the basement, but there was no bar. There was a bathroom, and some offices.
Finally I found the bar in a dark corner on the ground floor.
There were many waiters and waitresses, but I was the only guest.