Arnon Grunberg

Trolley bus

A short drive

“To Majdanek Museum, please,” I said to the taxi driver.
For some reason, I found it inappropriate to say: “To Majdanek, please.” But the taxi driver answered: “Majdanek.” It was a short drive, less than ten minutes from the city center.
As a friend had told me, Majdanek is basically on the outskirts of Lublin.
The taxi driver drove me right to the entrance of the camp.
There was no guard, no ticket needed to be bought.
I encountered six people in the camp, which was preserved remarkably well.
I walked to the mausoleum. On November 3, 1943 18.000 Jews were executed by firing squad on the place where now the mausoleum is.
The cold wind started bothering me; I left the camp and took a trolley bus back to the city.