Arnon Grunberg

Happy days

Cette obsession du drapeau

The French newspaper Le Figaro published an interview with presidential candidate Bayrou.
Le Figaro asked him: “Êtes-vous d'accord avec Ségolène Royal qui veut que les Français mettent le drapeau tricolore à leur fenêtre le 14 Juillet ?” And Mr. Bayrou answered: “ “Jamais en France il n'y a eu cette obsession du drapeau. Cela, c'est la culture américaine.”

The obsession with national identity is by no means limited to the Netherlands or the Balkan.
It seems to me especially interesting when a leftwing candidate for president turns the anthem and the flag into the center of her campaign.
After socialism with a human face we are going to see the slow advance of socialism with a carnivalesque face. Happy days are coming.