Arnon Grunberg



Today, my mother left the hospital. She sounded as if she felt homesick for the hospital.

And David Brooks commented on health insurance: “Capretta and Moffit lay out the basic Republican principles: First, patients should have skin in the game. If they are going to request endless tests or elaborate procedures, they should bear a real share of the cost.”

(Read the complete article here.)

Of course, patients ask for elaborate procedures because they are bored. It’s not their illness that requires an elaborate procedure; it’s their capriciousness.

Certain types of illnesses should be made illegal for any citizen who makes less than one million dollars a year.
If the patient is diagnosed with that kind of illness (for example prostate cancer) while making not enough money to cover the elaborate procedures, the patient should be considered a thief and should go straight to prison. That will teach those crybabies a lesson.

Now this is what I call a Republican principle, fair but hard.

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