Arnon Grunberg


Du Lac

This afternoon, I had coffee at Hotel du Lac in Vevey.
I noticed a statue of a slightly melancholic man with a quill pen in his hand. The man turned out to be Henryk Sienkiewicz, a Polish author who won the Nobel Prize in 1905, his most famous novel is “Quo Vadis”.
“Quo Vadis” did ring a bell, but to be honest Sienkiewicz didn’t.
It turned out that Sienkiewicz spent the last years of his life in Hotel du Lac in Vevey.

Sienkiewicz in Hotel du Lac, Nabokov in Montreux Palace – any hotelier in this region can contact me.
As of January 1, 2035 I’m looking for a junior suite in a nice hotel in the region of Vevey for 365 days a year.
Any serious offer will be considered.
Please, keep in mind that my nurse will also need a modest room.

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