Arnon Grunberg



On Friday I travelled from Dusseldorf to Zell am See by train.
I had to change trains twice, once in Munich and once in Wörgl, Austria.
On the train from Wörgl to Zell am See I sat in a compartment with a man who looked like a ski instructor.
Shortly after we passed the town of Kitzbühel the ski instructor farted. Then he looked at me and he said in German: “Do you smell this?” “Yes,” I answered.
“It’s coming from outside.” “I guess so,” I said.
“It’s rather unpleasant.” “It is,” I said.
“It’s getting worse.” “It’s really unpleasant,” I said. “But we cannot open the window.”

I’m wondering whether the ski instructor was a sadist or just trying to handle his shame.
There is another possibility: the ski instructor is an anti-Semite.

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