Arnon Grunberg


The irony

Paul Krugman in today’s Herald Tribune:

‘True, this wasn’t the health reform many were looking for. Rather than simply providing health insurance to everyone by extending Medicare to cover the whole population, we’ve constructed a Rube Goldberg device of regulations and subsidies that will cost more than single-payer and have many more cracks for people to fall through.
But this was what was possible given the political reality — the power of the insurance industry, the general reluctance of voters with good insurance to accept change. And experience with Romneycare in Massachusetts — hey, this is a great age for irony — shows that such a system is indeed workable, and it can provide Americans with a huge improvement in medical and financial security.’

(Read the complete article here.)

Probably this is an inevitable side effect of democracy. Legislation will look like Rube Goldberg devices.

And now we have an economist who declares that (also) this age is a great age for irony, I suggest a modest solution for states and big banks with debts that can never be paid back. They are allowed to create their own temporary currency, the irony.

You can help by accepting the irony. Are you a designer? Design the irony. Are you an anarchist? Use the irony as toilet paper.

Soon we will start selling my books on this site for a flat rate of 17 ironies, shipment not included.

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