Arnon Grunberg




“P2P lending has officially gone mainstream.
As foreshadowed by the Financial Times last month - a securitisation of peer-to-peer loans has officially secured a coveted single-A rating from DBRS. The $151m deal pools together loans facilitated by SoFi, a P2P lender that specialises in student loans.”

(Read the article here.)

There will always be banks, but the service banks offer may be less unique and valuable than bankers want us to believe.

I’ve set up a small P2P lending system in the Netherlands, through my daily column in the newspaper De Volkskrant. We have about 25 interested borrowers who want to borrow approximately 5000 euros, maturity 10 years, interest 6%. Besides myself there are three other lenders who are all willing to each lend 5000 euros. I’m looking for more lenders.

The last couple of days I met almost all prospective borrowers, and I can only say: it’s worth taking the risk.

So lenders, step forward. (

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