Arnon Grunberg

Three desserts

Clothes hangers

It was Saturday night and we were hanging out here at MSF house in Mweso. A highly attractive physician from London said: “I have a female friend and she loves desserts. Sometimes she goes to a restaurant and she orders three desserts.”
“No main dish?” I informed.
“No,” she said, “just three desserts. One as a appetizer, one as a main dish and one as a dessert.”
A bit later the physician said: “I have a friend and she is able to hang clothes hangers on her nipples.”
“Is the lady who is capable of doing this the same one as the woman who is in into ordering three desserts and no main dish?” I informed.
“No,” the physician said. “These are two different friends.”
You have to travel all the way to Congo, but then you meet amazing people.
(This blogpost was read by MSF and no changes were made.)

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