Arnon Grunberg



According to Richard Brody in The New Yorker Errol Morris’s documentary about Donald Rumsfeld is a “masterwork of political epistemology and dialectical jujitsu.” I’m not complete convinced.
Morris's documentary on McNamara was more interesting; probably because McNamara turned out to be a man with more self-reflection.
But “The Unknown Known” is worth seeing, if for no other reason than to refresh our memory of the George W. Bush era.
I mean “shock and awe” – I’d almost forgotten about it. It’s definitely progress that we don’t talk about shock and awe anymore.
But the financial crisis of 2008 could be labeled shock and awe as well. And humanitarian aid is sometimes not much more than shock and awe without weapons of mass-destruction.
When it comes to shock and awe nowadays we prefer to be discrete. That’s a good sign.

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