Arnon Grunberg



Rami G. Khouri about ISIS:

“The rapid expansion of ISIS in Iraq is not a sign of the future, because these extremists have no base of support in the region. They only gain territory by force and in conditions of chaos. In more normal conditions, they have never had any serious support in Arab countries.
ISIS is frightening, to be sure, but not because it portends our future; it is frightening because it reminds us of the criminal incompetence of ruling Arab regimes during the past half-century, and as such it clarifies what must be done to bring Arab societies back to some semblance of normal life. This will be a long and hard struggle, but we have no other options.”

(Read the column here.)

Yes, the American invasion may have been a mistake, but let’s not get too nostalgic about Saddam, and please let’s not forget the “criminal incompetence of ruling Arab regimes.” Rami G. Khouri is by no means a blind defender of the West.

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