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Ian Penman on soccer and Fassbinder:

“One of the best things about the image of Fassbinder in his Bayern T-shirt is the look on his face: our famed debauchee and grumpy pessimist looks like a little boy who got exactly what he wanted for Christmas, looks almost embarrassed by how happy he is. One of the main characters in Veronika Voss is a sports reporter, detained at an important Bayern game during a crucial moment in the narrative (which concerns his doomed affair with a glamorous but ailing German movie star). Is there the outline of a mischievous self-portrait here? ‘On the outside I may look like just another lumpy, beer-stoked lumpenprole, but inside I am pure silver screen diva.’ (There is a lash-thin RWF cameo right at the beginning of the film: he is slumped, bear-like, in a back-row-centre cinema seat, smoking up a storm.)
Veronika Voss was the final film in the so-called BDR or Bundesrepublik Deutschland triptych; the other two panels being Lola (1981) and The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979), never a film I was particularly taken with. Awed by the flawless technique, sure, but for all that strangely unmoved. When it came to mind this week, I had to consult an old filmography to clarify its baldly melodramatic plot. I could recall nothing concrete about it whatsoever – except for one small crucial detail. In the climactic scene, the soundtrack is provided by a radio broadcast of an excitedly jabbering football commentator. If you were German, it would have been obvious which commentary, which game, and why Fassbinder chose it.”

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To some soccer is the elevator music of melancholia; to others it is the elevator music of melodrama.

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