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Tim Kreider on cats and men:

“I admit that loving a cat is a lot less complicated than loving a human being. Because animals can’t ruin our fantasies about them by talking, they’re even more helplessly susceptible to our projections than other humans. Though of course there’s a good deal of naked projection and self-delusion involved in loving other human beings, too.”


“I can tell you this: A man who is in a room with a cat — whatever else we might say about that man — is not alone.”

(Read the article here.)

A few weeks ago in Berlin I said: “Why do you need a wife when you have a mother?”

Tim Kreider goes one step further: why do you need a human being when you have a cat?

Perhaps in the not too distant future we will be able to marry our cats?

(To avoid misunderstandings, the man on the picture is not Tim Kreider.)

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