Arnon Grunberg

Something else


When she was admitted to the hospital, my mother ordered vegetarian food. She was ill but not that ill.
Yesterday she feasted on vegetarian meatballs, but today the vegetarian chicken cordon bleu was less to her liking. Probably because she had feasted all afternoon on potato chips.
She ate two bites of the vegetarian chicken cordon bleu and then she said: “It’s not kosher.”
“It’s vegetarian,” I said.
“Well,” she answered, “it’s just too much.”
“Can I get you something else?”
“Eh,” she said. “I don’t know.”
“Perhaps an ice cream?”
“Yes,” she said, “an ice cream.”
I bought her a Magnum ice cream and a coffee.
She started feasting on the Magnum. The dusk came slowly.

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