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More about outdoor activities, (see also here). And about language and confusion.

The question was: What do we speak about (in French) when we speak about decadence?

L wrote: “En français décadence ça comprend partouze.”

Sometimes a dictionary can be helpful, what does the dictionary say about “decadence”: “État d'une civilisation, d'une culture, d'une entreprise, etc., qui perd progressivement de sa force et de sa qualité ; commencement de la chute, de la dégradation : Entrer en décadence.”

Not a word about "partouze".

In other words decadence is decline but as far as I’m concerned seen from the perspective of a hedonist. After all, “decadence” is a much more pleasant word than “decline”.

But decline doesn’t necessarily include an orgy. Decline without any kind of orgy is probably possible.

Perhaps that’s what civilization is: a well-organized form of decline without an abundance of violent or sexual activity.

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