Arnon Grunberg



One of the more interesting and fascinating people I’ve met in the literary world in the last couple of months, maybe even years is Reinhold Joppich, manager at Kiepenheuer & Witsch in Cologne.
In September I had a reading at the publishing house in Cologne and after the reading I exchanged a few words with Mr. Joppich who immediately started to explain his love life to me; his choice of words, his passion, the twinkling in his eyes made it clear to me that this man belongs in a novel.
Mr. Joppich used to be a Maoist, but he realized that his love for women and good books was bigger than his love for Mao. I believe that this is a fair summarization of a big part of his life.
At the book fair in Frankfurt I met him again, he is going to retire in a few weeks. The other night during a dinner party I had a longer conversation with him.
Mr. Joppich has five children with five different women, and he declared: “Ich bin ein Opfer der Frauen.” (I’m a victim of women.)
He also said something like: "They steal my semen." Which is a fairly accurate description of a certain activity.
He added: "My mother taught me that you should love life."
I find myself too good of an author to become a ghostwriter, but for Mr. Joppich I will make an exception.

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