Arnon Grunberg

More decent

But really

The bathroom in Lühmanns Hotel am Rathaus is slightly more decent (i.e. smaller) than the bathroom in hotel Centro in Schwabach. (see: here.)
But in all honesty, hotel Centro in Schwabach is worth a detour. The owner turned out to an extremely kind and caring lady. I can add more details, but this will do for now.
One a different note, after the reading in Frankfurt I received the most beautiful or at least one of the most beautiful fan letters I ever received.
A young couple invited me for an egg, any preparation I wish will do, but the couple recommended a soft egg. (This is bit of a simplification of their egg-philosophy but alas.)
They added that some of my characters have become their friends.
I will quote from the beautiful letter: “Aber wirklich. Kommen Sie bei uns vorbei wann immer es Ihnen nach einem Ei ist.” (Come visit us whenever you are in the mood for an egg. But really.)
Now this is an offer I won’t refuse.

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