Arnon Grunberg


Horst Janssen

The young man who was taking care of me in Bremen and Oldenburg asked: “Do you know Horst Janssen?” “No,” I said.
“Horst Janssen was an artist and illustrator,” he said. “He also wrote uncanny short stories. There is a Horst Janssen Museum here in Oldenburg, that’s worth your while. And I also can recommend the restaurant at your hotel, Michael Schmitz.”
After the reading at the university I had dinner at Michael Schmitz Brasserie & Vinothek. The food was excellent indeed; the service was almost meticulous.
The next morning I went to the museum.
“One ticket, please,” I said to the cashier.
“We are closed,” she said.
“But I looked at your website,” I answered, “and you were open at 10 a.m.”
“Yes, but we are getting new lights, that’s why we are closed.”
“New bulbs?”
“Yes, new lights,” she answered.
“What a pity, I’m leaving Oldenburg in a few hours. Well, I guess Horst Janssen will have to wait.”
“We will reopen soon,” she said.
I left the museum, walked back to my hotel and started packing my suitcase.

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