Arnon Grunberg



Yesterday we interviewed two politicians, the first one helpful, the second one slightly less helpful.
In the meantime the level of conversation dropped dramatically. (As I mentioned before I'm here with the two winners of a contest I organized, furthermore I'm here in the presence of a guide/god, George, his brother and a driver.)
Timme (one of the winners) declared yesterday over lunch: “I never made out with my grandmother.” Lutek (the other winner) got in contact with two working ladies at a restaurant. Besides that he doesn’t bother to get a glass anymore, he opens the fridge, takes the bottle and drinks. (A certain person here treats Timme as a fashion model and takes pictures of him all the time, especially after 8 pm. But I won't mention any names.)
I guess this is the result when you are kind of young, married and you describe yourself as a misanthrope, without using that word actually.
In other words: we have become one big family, maybe a happy family, when we eat, but I'm relieved to declare that tomorrow night the family will be dissolved.
(As you can see on the picture: the goldmines made me happy.)