Arnon Grunberg

An offer

Waiting for another miracle

Early this morning the ”family” arrived at Amsterdam Airport. Timme’s parents were there. It was quite emotional to see how Timme hugged his mother. I was about to forget that a few hours earlier he harassed a stewardess because she had dared to drop a wet tissue on his book.
Interesting was for me also that the one of the first questions Timme’s father asked was: “Timme, have you been abused in Ghana?” I answered: “Well, we tried to sell him as a white slave, but we ran out of time before we could complete the transaction.” This brings to my mind that this young man has recently bought an outdated and outrageous laptop, it’s more a mobile home than a laptop, Timme for all his flaws deserves a decent laptop.
Anybody who buys an Apple laptop for him can have Timme for two weeks as a white slave. Or for ten days depending on the laptop.
Come on ladies and gentlemen, this is an offer you can’t refuse. Recently a young lady commented on this site that beauty opens many doors.
Open the door of beauty yourself I would say. And don’t forget to close it behind you.
On the picture you see how Lutek tries to dress Timme. At the end things really got slightly too cosy in Ghana – I’m happy that the family is dissolved. Timme is back with his parents, George and Lutek are back home, and I’m in London, waiting for Samir El-Youssef.