Arnon Grunberg



More than a year ago an officer in the Dutch army with whom I had spent some time in Afghanistan sent me an e-mail: “On April 3rd 2015 I would like to take you to Verdi’s “Macbeth” for your birthday on February 22nd 2014 – are you available?”
“I’m available,” I answered.
In the meantime we never spoke about Macbeth or April 3, 2015. This morning I thought: perhaps the officer has changed his mind?
But around 7:15 p.m. I got a whatsapp from the officer: “I’ll be at the opera house in fifteen minutes.” I took a taxi to the opera house and the opera turned out to be excellent. There were some boos for the director, Andrea Breth, but in my opinion mise en scène, stage design and costumes were excellent. Macbeth instead of Seder, it was a good choice.

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