Arnon Grunberg



I was the chair of a discussion between Ewald Engelen, professor of financial geography (according to Engelen a field he himself invented), and Harro Maas, an economist, specialization economic history.
The event was well attended, and the audience appeared to be rather engaged. But I could not suppress the thought that the hunger for a better world often takes the shape of the hunger for an enemy.

‘Hätt’ ich doch nur einen Feind, nur einen, der mir gegenüberzutreten wagte! Ich wollt ihn küssen, ich wollte, wenn ich ihn nach heißem Kampf in den Staub geworfen hätte, mich auf ihn stürzen und mit ihm sterben!,’ says Holofernes in Hebbel’s play “Judith”.

The enemy du jour are the bankers, they were it at least tonight.

As a Dadaist I long very much for a restaurant that not only serves soup du jour, but offers its clientele an enemy du jour as well.
And God knows I’m willing to participate. Not on a daily basis, but on a regular basis.

The waiter will say: "And our enemy du jour is Mr. Grunberg. Do you want to spit on him now or do you want to have your coffee first?"

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