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Roger Cohen in today’s International New York Times:

‘A few points: The Holocaust happened. Denial of it is an outrage but, as a free-speech absolutist, I don’t see it as a crime, any more than blaspheming the Prophet Muhammad. The double-standards argument of French Muslims is understandable — even if denying the Holocaust, a fact, and mocking Islam, a religion that is also a political movement, do not amount to the same thing.
Islam is in crisis, a religion at war with itself. The West is a spectator to this internal conflict and a victim of it. Up to now, the reaction of Muslims to the horrors committed in the name of an ideology of hate and death drawn from a certain reading of Islamic texts has been pitiful. The resolution of the crisis of Islam can only come through denunciation from within of the slaughterers — and recognition, rather than denial, of their Islamist inspiration.
It’s easy and facile to see all Muslims as the enemy. Some Jews in France now do. This is a path to ruin. Just as in the Holy Land, Jew and Muslim must not imagine the other will go away.’

Read the article here.

Not only will the other not go away, Jews and Muslims are natural companions.
They don’t eat pork, they circumcise their males, the more pious (and married) of their women like to cover their hair; some of these women are nevertheless extremely hairy. They worship their mothers, or at least they believe they do. (On this matter, they face competition from the Italians. Just three words to the Italians: we are brothers.)

More sex between Jews and Muslims is key. And for some necessary flavor and spice, the Italians are more than welcome to join the party.
I will do my best to make this all happen.

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