Arnon Grunberg



It has been a while since I had dinner (or lunch) at Barolo on West Broadway. I loved the garden and I spent quite a few interesting and entertaining evenings in Barolo, not as many as in Sant Ambroeus, but still.
Tonight I went back to Barolo, only to discover that it closed. Instead of Barolo, there’s now a restaurant called Ladurée. I was willing to give it a try but a haughty maître d’ said: “I can seat you inside, the garden is fully booked.”
“Can we wait for a table?” I asked with a polite almost submissive smile.
“No,” he said. “Tonight the garden is fully booked.”
From the other sight of the street I could see the garden, the garden was empty. He must not have liked my face. He’s entitled to not liking my face, in the old days many people didn’t like my face, but I got used to love and welcoming smiles.
It’s good to know that there are still maître d’s with strict principles.

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