Arnon Grunberg

It seems


A friend gave me a collection of poems by Mascha Kaléko, “In meinen Träumen läutet es Sturm”.
Here’s the translation of her poem Das letzte Mal:

The last time

It seems you’ve gone. Your last word

still faintly clinking in my chamber:
the brittlest shimmer lingered

some lovely hours. Gone, then, as before.

Long have I known the sharp increment
of your faltering redoubt.

Long now, unbidden, have I sensed

you seeking my window out,

and often hear unspoken

some muted sinking phrase; 

and often the familiar knocking

at the door. Gone, same as always.

Berlin (Charlottenburg district)

44 Mommsen St.


I found the translation of this poem on this site.

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