Arnon Grunberg



I had lunch with the professor and he said: "You are lucky with all those student protests. I'm not sure how many students will show up to attend your talk. An elderly lady told me already that she couldn't come because she was afraid of the protesters. And be aware, when we pass the protesters they may yell 'campus rats' at us."
"Campus rats?"
"Yes," the professor said. "And perhaps there will be even some violence. I don't expect it, but perhaps they will force us to abandon the meeting prematurely."
"I've been to war zones," I said.
"I know," the professor answered.

Nobody told us that we were campus rats. The protesters were quite cheerful, attractive and friendly.
The talk lasted one hour and then we had to leave because another class was planned in this class room.

The campus rat went back to his hotel, safe and sound.

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