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A.O. Scott on "45 years", a movie by Andrew Haigh:

"How should Kate, who met Geoff after Katya’s death, react to it? At first, they reach for comforting truisms: It was a long time ago, and decades of steady marital happiness surely outweigh a few months of tragic romance. But before long, Geoff and Kate find themselves haunted in different ways. Geoff falls into a restless funk. He starts smoking again, and digs up keepsakes and photographs that remind him of the beautiful young woman he sometimes calls “my Katya.” Kate, whose name is an echo of her predecessor’s, wonders how she can be jealous of someone who has been dead for a half-century. That strikes her as completely unreasonable, and yet it’s undeniable that Katya, from beyond the grave, is stealing her husband."

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There's something absolutely unsettling about this movie. If this is what lasting love and companionship looks like you may be better off without it.

And you live more happily when you don't know the secrets of the person you call "my significant other". Since even the dead can inflame some of our most burning desires.

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