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A.O. Scott about “The Lobster”: “The Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos is a deadpan dystopian comedian, an inventor of absurd, highly regulated societies that seem to exist in hidden pockets of everyday reality.”

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My friend said: “Lanthimos is not as good as Buñuel.”

Well, Buñuel is funnier.

“The Lobster” is a movie that slowly but steadily makes you regret that you started laughing in the first place.

It’s an excellent but extremely bleak movie; it’s doubtful whether human beings in this culture are capable of intimacy.

Social pressure is totalitarian by nature, says Mr. Lanthimos; love itself may be totalitarian.

If there’s hope it can be found in our survival instinct, now that’s rather bleak. But there are animals for those who cannot stop hoping.

By the way, this movie is devastating for hotel lovers. Go and see it.

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