Arnon Grunberg

Express Mail


I'm reading "I love Dick" by Chris Kraus -- it's one of the strangest reading experiences I had in years, I feel the urge to copy this book, not to plagiarize it, no to implement it in my life. I had this urge before but never as visceral as with "I love Dick".

A few sentences:

"Do you envy our perversity?"

"P.S. Could you Express Mail us a copy of your latest book, The Minstry of Fear? We feel that if we're going to write for you we should get more familiar with your style."

"Oh Dick, you eroticize what you're not, secretly hoping that the other person knows what you're performing and that they're performing too."

I'm not sure if I should become Dick, or that together with my beloved one I should look for Dick.

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