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Anthony Lane reviews Damien Chazelle's "La La Land".

"Catch the film on the largest screen you can find, with a sound system to match, even if that means journeying all day. Have a drink beforehand. And, whatever you do, don’t wait for a DVD or a download. The mission of this movie will be fulfilled only if it is seen by those—especially kids—who have never met a grownup musical, at the cinema, and who may not know what busy thrills can bloom, without recourse to violence, from the simplest things. The sun ignites. The song explodes. Boy meets girl."

Read the review here.

Yes, Anthony Lane's advice is reasonable, but this is how I woud like to summarize the experience: Boy meets girl. Girl prefers her dream i.e. career. Result: melancholy and money.
What else do we want?

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