Arnon Grunberg

Strictly opposed


An interview with CDU General Secretary Kramp-Karrenbauer by Melanie Amann and Ralf Neukirch in Der Spiegel:

"DER SPIEGEL: Some in the CDU have warned against a rightward shift in the party. Do you believe such warnings are necessary?

Kramp-Karrenbauer: I think it is necessary for us to make clear once again what the bedrock of our party is, namely the Christian view of humanity. The CDU was a party that united different denominational and ideological currents. If the idea of a rightward shift means that we ignore those roots and only define ourselves as a conservative party, then I am strictly opposed."

Read the interviewhere.

A Christian view of humanity. There are many things unclear, but if there's one thing unclear these days it's the Christian view of humanity.
It's even fair to say that the Christian view of humanity was never clear to begin with.

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