Arnon Grunberg



Adam Shatz on Anshel Pfeffer's Netanyahu-biography, Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu:

"Where all this is headed remains unclear. Netanyahu, for the moment, seems exuberant, emboldened by his ties to Trump, the expansion of trade with Asia, and the complicity of the Sunni Arab regimes. Israel’s strategic position has never been stronger, or its neighbours weaker. But the scenes of unarmed protesters killed by Israeli snipers in Gaza are a reminder of the discontent that lies beneath the surface. Under Netanyahu, Israel has run up a substantial bill in blood and tears. Unlike his wife’s credit card, it will eventually have to be paid."

Read the review here.

Perhaps, the payment of this bill cannot be postponed forever, but it can be postponed for years if not decades to come. Probably, Bibi himself won't pay it. As more often is the case: power is his main conviction, all other beliefs are less important.

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