Arnon Grunberg

These days


Der Spiegel on Brexit:

'Is no deal really "better than a bad deal," as Theresa May seems to repeat like a mantra? There are growing signs that she no longer believes that herself. When she travels this week to Salzburg, where EU leaders will be holding an informal summit, May will essentially be there as a supplicant promoting a last-minute agreement. But to reach that deal, she is going to have to make further concessions. And that's also her dilemma, because the further she pushes her position in the direction of the EU, the further that line will also be moved away from the Brexit hardliners in her Conservative Party, who have enough power to block any deal.'

Read the article here.

The only remaining question: how big is the catastrophe named Brexit going to be?

Interestingly enough a Dutch politician promoted as recently as two days ago the idea that the Netherlands should leave the EU. It starts as propaganda, to incite the angry voter, and when the propaganda becomes reality the "big idea" changes into a farce. Democracy has always been theatrical, sometimes also a bit of a farce, or more than a bit, these days it's just a farce and often worse than that.

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