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Amos Harel on all kinds of birdwatching:

'Israel says it has recently uncovered an observation post Hezbollah established near its border with Lebanon, in violation to a UN Security Council resolution.
This position, the sixth Israel says it has identified along the border, was erected under the guise of an activity by an environmental non-governmental organization.
In July Danny Danon, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, presented photos of five other such position. Israel has yet to act to remove those positions.
An officer in the Israel Defense Forces' Northern Command told reporters on Monday that the new position is located near the Lebanese village of Al-Adisa, about one kilometer from the Israeli border, opposite to Kibbutz Misgav Am. The observation post, he said, was established as to look like it belongs to the NGO "Green Without Borders," but in fact was a Hezbollah observation post that monitors Israeli army operations on the Israeli side of the border.
"There are no birds or forests there," the official said. "Hezbollah is building military infrastructure along the border with its men moving there armed when they are watching the Israeli border. This is military infrastructure in civilian guise."

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that the Green Without Borders was a "fictitious NGO."'

Read the article here.

Green without Borders sounds like a good NGO to me.

The picture accompanying the article is straight out of Monty Python.

And bird watching, soldiers watching, the difference is in the details? And it's possible to be an ornithologist and a spy as well.

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