Arnon Grunberg



Sometimes a review manages to surprise me.

Parul Sehgal in NYT on the novel "The Governesses" by Anne Serre, and some other novels by this French author:

'Out of her solitude hatch these sparkling, sadomasochistic stories, and, recently, some notoriety. Her 2012 novel, “Petite table, sois mise!” (roughly, “Little Table, Set Yourself!”) is the story of an incestuous family that participates in what are described as enchanted orgies. These come to an end when a daughter leaves for school, which she experiences as an exile from paradise. A French literary magazine caused a furor when it quoted a few sentences; the offending phrases were pulled and the editor issued an apology, pleading that merely citing the book was not itself inciting perversion.'

Read the article here.

Incest as enchanted orgies, and leaving this family is an exile from paradise.

This made me extremely curious, literature can awaken perversions.

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