Arnon Grunberg



Today I sneaked from sister's settlement into Tel Aviv where I had some pasta in hotel Montefiore.

The website states that their restaurant is 'a mandatory culinary experience for travelers to Tel Aviv and locales alike.'

Mandatory is rather a big word, but the food is good, service slow but fairly charming and people watching pure pleasure.

Unfortunately I felt too sick for prolonged people watching and my sister was calling as well.

Yesterday she declared: "My goal in life is to be a good human being."

I answered: "My goal in life is to be a good author."

But today she admitted that she teased me a lot while we were young (she is 8 years older) - I enjoyed the teasing and the competition between my sister and me when we were young.

She wanted real conversations, but to me teasing a beloved one or a family member can be as good as a decent conversation

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