Arnon Grunberg



The Flower Mill & Me is a lovely shop (if "shop" is the right word) in the center (if "center" is the right word) of Fillmore, UT.
According to the business card The Flower Mill & Me offers "floral arrangements, shaved ice, mixed drinks, lunch, cotton candy, balloons, yoghurt & popcorn."
We arrived just on time for lunch, because lunch is just served during an hour. There is no menu, one meal a day that's it, and according to the owner, Kathy Padilla-Griffith, the menu on Friday was rice with shrimps, "because she is catholic."
The lunch was served in a small plastic container and was delicious.
The Flower Mill & Me has a non-alcoholic bar (almost everything in southern Utah seems to be non-alcoholic) and a couple of lovely bar stools.
"It used to be a drugstore here," Kathy Padilla-Griffith said.
We ordered some cotton candy and Kathy said: "My children are much better at making cotton candy than I am."
Then she pointed at some plants in the window and she said: "Look at these lovely carnivorous plants."
There are not many reasons to go to Fillmore, but The Flower Mill & Me will win you over.

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