Arnon Grunberg



An afternoon at the atelier of sculptoress Jet Schepp.
Gerrit van der Veen and Jan Wolkers used to work and live in this atelier/apartment.

We were visiting the atelier because of the 50th anniversary of Wolkers' novel "Turkish Delight".
A few sentences in the marvelous translation by Sam Garrett:

"When I tried to kiss her she suddenly began whispering hysterically: 'These lips have kissed someone else, you know. This mouth has been kissed by someone else.' When I crushed my mouth against hers, her lips remained flaccid and soft and her body was limp too. As though she would fall right to the floor if I let go. But she kept her teeth clenched. I couldn't get to her tongue. Suddenly, from behind the door, her mother cleared her throaty a few times. 'Is it time for me to bring you some tea?' she asked maliciously.'

We know the ingredients of the amour fou: desire, destruction, laughter, escapism, eroticism and despair, but this novel is a special brand of amour fou.

In the atelier of Jet Schepp, we drank tea and ate cookies and slowly the past became present.

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