Arnon Grunberg

Two glasses

Angry young man

I had lunch with a woman writing for Nextbook.
The purpose of the lunch was an interview.
All interviews resemble one each other, each interesting interview is interesting in its own way.
I was stunned by the fact that the interviewer, an American lady, drank two glasses of white wine. (To be fair, I had two glasses of wine myself. We both drank Pinot Grigio. And it was not because of the Pinot Grigio that our lunch turned out to be extremely enjoyable)
In the almost thirteen years that I have been in NY I never saw a American woman drink two glasses of wine during lunch. (Well maybe during brunch on Sunday two mimosa’s, but not while working.)
The lady, Ruth Franklin, writes also for the New Republic. Her article on the Polish author Borowski ("the angry young man of the holocaust") is highly recommended.